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Wow! Great job, Earthlet Briclot!

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Cyanide & Happiness

Hand Painted Illustration of a Kerbal Contemplating the Universe

Added the Hound to my picture from yesterday.
These two are the best!  One of my favorite scenes ever was last episode when they made it to the bloody gates and Arya just started cracking up.  So good!
Wow I haven’t used Tumblr in ages.I have so many unfinished paintings now, once I’ve done the face and learnt something new I can never really be bothered to finish them.
But here’s my attempt at Agent Kruger from Elysium, clearly the best character of the film.


Acrylic Ink on 12x 12 in. Wood Panel.

30 Day Drawing Challenge. Day 30: Movie Mashup.
WOOO!! I FINISHED!!!The final challenge was to come up with a movie mashup. The previous Alien Vs Predator movies told us that whoever won, WE lost, and they were right. So I’ve attempted to readdress the balance and create the AVP movie that people actually want. DUTCH AND RIPLEY. I also gave Dutch the giant robot arm that he has in the old Alien Vs Predator arcade game because, what? I was going to give him two boring SKIN arms? SNORE!Thanks for checking all these challenges out over the last month, why not try it yourself? It’s fun and you’ll only occasionally curse your decision to do so!

30 Day Drawing Challenge. Day 15: Funniest Scene. 
I remember the first time I watched The Naked Gun, I cried with laughter at this line. Even before the actual beaver makes an appearance, the idea of someone saying that out loud cracked my nine year old brain in half and my already odd sense of humour was forever warped. God bless you Leslie Nielsen.